Frick on a stick

Thanks for all your awesome feedback on TrueBlood and other fantastic TV shows.  You had some seriously great ideas! :mrgreen:

Friday Oats:  Apples & PB:


SinceUnburied Treasurewas my lunch on Thursday – I had planned on eating the salad I had packed Thursday for lunch on Friday – until I remembered there was FREE food for lunch! :grin:


Once a month in the summer, the Senior Team has a cookout for all the employees, and they always have veggie burgers!  I ended up with a veggie burger, pretzels (with some ranch), and a salad.  It was delicious, AND free – does it get any better?  :wink:

I finally got hungry again around 4pm – and broke into my PB&J flavored larabar:


This was my first time with this flavor – I have been dying to try it !

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the size of this bar is about 1/2 of the size of a normal bar??? :shock:


This was just good.  Not great, not earth shattering, not delicious.  It did taste like a PB&J sandwich, but all said and done, I wasn’t overly impressed:???:

When I got home – I was on my own for dinner (Mike had his Law Review Induction) – so I finally had the opportunity to make something I’d had in my head all week – FALAFELS WITH HOMEMADE TZIKI! :grin:


I used a little bit of yogurt, cucumbers, green onions, garlic salt, and dried chives:


Rather than a sauce – it was more like cucumber salad.  Cucumbers covered in a dressing, not a dressing with chunks of cucumber.

Look at the top right hand corner of this picture: :wink:


My wrap had two store bought falafel balls, tziki, hot sauce, and red pepper flakes:


Now THIS was super tasty!!!  :mrgreen:

Then, rather than behave myself and stay in and relax – I ended up going out! :wink:

Mike got home and wanted to celebrate his first week of law school being over, and his law review-i-ness, my brother Matt was ready to go out after a long first week of grad school, and my friend Angelina wanted to go out after a long work week – WHO WAS I TO SAY NO TO ALL 3 OF THEM?!?! :razz:


A standard night of debauchery ensued, and I’m moving slightly slower than usual today!  :wink:


Mike just ran out to Target and picked up Scrubs, Season 8 – the couch, TV, husband, and pup are calling my name – I must go! Any other Scrubs fans out there?  I crack up hysterically any time Elliot say “Frick” – she just called someone a “Frickhead” in the episode we are watching – love it!  :mrgreen:

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!  :grin:

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mm I’ve had a hankering for tzaziki for a while. (no idea how to spell that). A lot of people, put dill in theirs, but your version sounds great because I hate dill. I have to admit I’m a lover of the PB&J Larabar, but I agree the size is abnormally small! What’s with that!?


oh man congrats to your hubs on law review!! that’s fantastic! I have my first day of law school evah on Monday!! and I totally agree about the size of the larabar. When I ate it I was like 200 cals whaaat? That was gone in two bites!

Enjoy your Saturday!


Eaaaagle! I LOVE Scrubs!


Make me a middle eastern wrap, will ya Alison?!



LANDO SPOTTING!! I haven’t had those pretzel nugs you had at lunch in so long – mmmm, loved ‘em!

I’m super bummed because I couldn’t find your falafel balls at any of my local grocery stores – boo to that :( FRICK! I love when she says that!


WOW yummy tziki and wraps! I had to get that on my to make list! Oh and of course falafels!


Oh! I love your dinner!! I just bought a falafel mix so I need to try this soon! Love your dog in the corner of the pic!


Yay for Ginger! I just posted about all the goodies you sent me! Thank you so much!!! Can’t wait to try everything! :)


thanks for your comments and i am loving your wrap my mum loves falafel and i am yet to try it it looks a tad hot for me but with tzaziki…yummy i may have to try it


I love scrubs. It’s bizzare in the best way!

That’s my general feeling on all larabars and they are damn small.


i love the title. LOVE THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER. great way to make homemade tzatzizkiskwisxazki i cant spell that word but i think it is delicious. cute photos of out and about! oh man.. people in utah say frick a lot. and fetch. and suck. and heck. and anything that sounds like a cuss word but isn’t…


lol I totally thought the PB&J bar was smaller too! But still tasty ;-)


I love Scrubs! I tend to watch hours of reruns if I’m up with Snuffy during the night.


Yum, that cucumber sauce looks great! Falafel is one of those things I haven’t tried yet and every time I see it I think “Dang, get with the program Em! That and the PB&J lara bar. But that one is more of a geographic problem since Utah is a little behind the times. :)


Aww, the dog in the corner is classic! The falafel looks so good, I am such a fan of Mediterranean foods like that, but I usually stick with the Fantastic brand’s quick recipe, it’s simple and so tasty.
Sorry you didn’t like the Larabar, I have heard such great things about it! Maybe you got a bad one, because it really does look very small, strange.


The peanut butter Larabars are my favorite, but they are small. I love Scrubs!! People are bastard-filled bastards with bastard coating – Perry Cox.


I have totally noticed the new Lara Bars are smaller! I have had the PB & J and the Tropical fruit tart. I thought it was just me! I’ll have to check out the German Chocolate Cake one when I eat it this week. Hmm…..not fair! ;)

BTW, if Taco Bell was GF, I would be all over the chili cheese burrito or chillito as they were called back in the day. I think that is really showing my age. ;) LOL!


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