Want to know what traveling to 2 different states, 2 weeks in a row, for 2 different Friday weddings does to my eating habits? :wink:

Take a look at this post! :razz:

Breakfast – oats, made with powdered PB because my real PB was missing!

4.19 014

Lunch – Greek Salad picked up from Clifton Diner:

4.19 015

This salad is SO AMAZING! :mrgreen:   There’s mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta, kalamata olives, and artichoke hearts, served with a lemon-oregano vinaigrette!

4.19 017

I swear – that dressing makes the salad! :mrgreen:

For dinner – I picked up ANOTHER salad – this time from Rockne’s! :cool:

4.20 004

Now, if you’ve read GDW for a while, you know I’m obsessed with Rockne’s and their Buffalo Chicken Salad.  So you might be asking yourself – what’s with the PLAIN garden salad??? :shock:

4.20 005

I’ve got to be honest – I’m a little skeeved out on meat right now.  (which you will ABSOLUTELY laugh at me or call me a hypocrite for saying, when you see the next set of pictures). :roll:

I’m NOT going to say “I’m a vegetarian” (even though I am probably 85% there already) – or anything drastic like that – but – every time I’ve gone to order food lately, I’ve had a bit of a gag reflex problem when thinking about chicken, which used to be the one meat I still ordered without hesitation.** I’m still working it out! :wink:

For dessert – Mike and I broke into a treat that had been given to us by his cousin Kristen & her husband while we were in Austin. :cool: They found this treasure at Frank, and thought “Hmmm, what food blogger would this be good for?” :razz:   THANKS GUYS!

What’s in the bag? :???:

4.20 0064.20 0074.20 0084.20 009

Chocolate.Covered.Bacon. :shock:

It had salt (and I swear pepper) on the chocolate!

4.20 010

Honestly?  I’ll say it tasted really darn good!  It was very salty, almost like a Lindt Sea Salt bar, just with a hint of extra chewiness! :mrgreen:   Surprisingly delicious!

4.20 011

Thanks for thinking of us Kristen & John!! :mrgreen:

Yes I did just talk about how bacon was delicious and how meat has been freaking me out in the same post.  Yes I know bacon is meat.  I think the whole dried meat thing helped me get past it.  Just leave me to my struggles people! :???:

** I apprehensively watched the trailer that Matt posted the other day.  Please read his post if you want more information (warning, very graphic). I’m not trying to tell anyone what decisions they should or shouldn’t make, I just wanted to comment on it because this has been popping up on a lot of blogs, and his post really affected me.

I typically find the PETA/animal rights videos very disturbing, saddening, and upsetting, but they don’t change the way I operate. Earthlings (video launches automatically, be careful) really, really, deeply affected me and made my heart ache and stomach churn me. (I’m sure all the meat-eating-males in my life are totally rolling their eyes at me right now, and I’m okay with that.)  Right now I don’t have too much more to say about it because my mind is still processing the horrifying things I saw.  I’ll leave you with this. Watch the trailer at your own risk.  I’m not saying that as a scare tactic to get you to watch it – I’m being serious.  Honestly – I’d actually encourage you to not watch it ever, but at the same time, I don’t want to preach ignorance. What to do… :oops:

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I am really skeeved out by chicken lately too. I’m trying to increase my protein intake but for some reason I can’t do it with chicken or any other kind of meat.

I’m with you on the bacon. It’s the only reason I’m not a vegetarian!


I don’t eat meat, for the most part. Its just not something I miss. But I do eat fish…a lot! I can’t do bacon though. And chocolate covered bacon…nope, sorry :)


Um…CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON!?!? Where can I get me some of that?!?! I also have an aversion to all meat that is not pork.


Lol,clearly after that bacon maybe vegetarianism isn’t in the sudden future.
Honestly,I’ve been avoiding watching Earthlings.I’m sure it’s eye opening and and all but something I don’t want to see/know


I had a weird “chicken grosses me out” phase recently too! But for some reason pork and beef hasn’t…I tried chicken for the first time last week, since I think Christmas time! It tasted alright, but I’m still not sold on it…So weird!


i understand love – the weirdness with chicken is what started my road to being a veggie :) you’ll figure it out. loveeeeee you!


ew i said love two times in that comment. gross.


Yes, that trailer is rather graphic. What is displayed in that trailer is half of the reason I became a veg. I think everyone should eat how/what they want though! Sounds like you’ve been having yourself a blasty over there.


I’ve been hearing about this video too and I SHOULD watch it but I’ll probably put it off like reading Omnivore’s Dilemma or seeing Food Inc. This sounds a lot more graphic though, so I’m nervous… though I don’t want to be ignorant about my food sources. Anyways.. the chocolate bacon sounds AMAZING :)


haha love it! Not hypocrisy at all! You’re just keepin it real


OH. MY. GOD. I just watched this over on Matt’s site as well, and I must say that it is making me take a hard look at things. I literally sobbed my way through the second half of that trailer. Since my dad actually IS a farmer, I have a slightly different perspective on things (as in…I know where most of my meat comes from and I saw happily-grazing cows across my backyard fence while growing up), and I know that many farmers do not take part in things this horrifying. However, I don’t live at home anymore and I purchase most of my meat at the grocery store. As an animal lover, I cannot fathom how people who work in these institutions sleep at night. MORAL DILEMMA OVERLOAD.


I’ve been having the same chicken situation too! Weird!!

You warned me, and I watched in anyways, and then I cried for 20minutes. Boo.


I’m not so sure I could stomach chocolate covered bacon…it definitely looks interesting.


As one of my many jobs I have picked up along the way I also teach a nutrition class here at ECU when needed and I always have a vegan activist come to my class and show his footage of inside factory farms.Disturbing yes, but also reality and people need to see what they are eating and supporting. I also encourage people to read at least the first section of Diet for a New America by John Robbins. Very sobering. As a dietitian I know I can’t get folks to stop eating meat completely but I can at least get them to support more local, sustainable ag. I believe we at least owe the animal a good life and humane (as possible) death if it gives its life to sustain ours. If you haven’t already, check out http://www.freshthemovie.com see if it is playing near you.


I’m not going to watch it-I already don’t eat meat & I’m working, so I can’t be crying! I do think its important for people to see though! Have you ever seen the movie Soylent Green? Its old, but its pretty frightening. Basically its kind of like Wall-E without the cute characters and happy ending! They have it on google videos, so I think I’ll be posting it on my blog in the near future. I’m so excited its available! (I know I’m a dork)


I eat meat but I don’t eat a lot of it only because my body doesn’t react well to it a bunch of it. A little bit here and there is no biggie and I need it. If my protein gets down too far then I start feeling super blah. I don’t want to watch the movie so I’m not. I did just read a post of a local acquaintance who just slaughtered their own pig. Very interesting and affected me more than I thought it was going to.


I don’t think I could ever be a vegetarian, but that being said I try to eat less meat. I usually don’t buy meat with the exception of chicken every now and then so I normally only eat it when I eat out. Meat doesn’t skeeve me out, but I don’t completely agree with how the animals are treated.

Clifton Diner is RIGHT near where I grew up on Lake. I love that place. Their bbq cobb salad is also good but obviously not as healthy as the salad you had. Am I also a hypocrite for bringing up a meat filled salad in a comment about being more meat free? :)


I thought that was a snake!


Oh my gosh. I recently contimplated eating meat again because I wasn’t sure I was getting enough protien.
Eff that.
I could cry right now :(
Not eating meat was the smarest decisions I could make.


Gear DGW –
I wanted to tell you that being an animal lover and seeing that video I cannot understand the cruelty that is done by man, and by all means I am not a feminist. But its seems that everything man touches it destorys. I cannot stop from
crying over the images of those animlas, nor can I get them out of my mind. Their eyes say so much.
The reality is that even if people stop eating meat the cruelty will continue. So you have to say to yourself, will it make a difference.


I posted the same type of reaction to this trailer, it literally had me in tears. It is seriously one of the first things that has ever made me consider giving up meat. Although like you I am still digesting this whole thought and don’t know that I am quite ready yet to go full out yet, but I do know that our lil’ family will only be eating local, natural meats from now on so at least I can take a small step in the right direction…


I think you did really good for not having any food – take out salads are always the BEST.

I tried bacon in chocolate once but never chocolate covered bacon. YUM! I bet it would be super good – I LOVE salty and sweet combos.


[...] found all of your responses to yesterday’s post seriously interesting!  I was really afraid I might offend people (ask Mike, I got home from [...]

Chocolate and Bacon are the best combo EVER. Its a current obsession of mine.
And I think it’s completely reasonable to make exceptions in a veggie diet for bacon…its just special.
I have a veggie friend, who makes an exception for bacon after coitus. Weird sounding, but totally understandable :)


I just watched the video…I ALMOST shut it off…
I actually gave up eating red meat- & any kind of product that came from pigs about 12 years ago when I was in 7th grade. First because pigs are my favorite animal & second because I never liked red meat to begin with.
I do eat chicken & fish though. I did not see any chickens in that video..but the fish looked awful- I felt so bad :(
It is a hard decision to give up meat entirely, I have not made it yet (since I do still eat chicken) but I think one day I might.
Don’t feel bad for posting that- I think it is a good thing for people to see!


Thank you for posting – I think this type of thing is so important for people to see. I know way too many people who think that meat is a staple, not a luxury and think that the cheaper the better. My husband and I made a conscious effort a little over a year ago to cut out any meat product we couldn’t trace back to a family/well-known farm. While I know every vegan and most vegetarians will say that we’re still eating meat, we take comfort in seeing how our food is raised and that the animals get to live a life instead of just being stuck in a pen somewhere.


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