Dough Balls!

Things I know:

  1. I am NOT a baker.  If you’ve ever read this blog before, you know that. :oops:
  2. I just CAN’T FOLLOW a recipe to save my life. :lol:
  3. I loathe measuring – cooking measurements should be: a sprinkle, pinch, dash, handful, or ”whole lotta” :)
  4. Baking handicap be damned – I needed to make these Mama Pea (Annie the Baker inspired) Dough Balls the entire blogging world keeps talking about! :shock:
  5. I had to go to 5 different stores in order to get all the supplies, and I was STILL missing whole wheat pastry flour.  Does that tell you how badly I wanted to try these balls? :wink:
  6. I have the maturity level of a 12 year old boy, because I’m taking every opportunity possible to says balls in this post (and then totally giggling, and repeating out loud “balls, heh!”) :razz:

My adapted ingredient list (thanks to helpful tweets from Monica and Mama Pea!)

11.22 014

I obviously bake often:

11.22 019

This was the first time I’ve ever used my hand mixer, and I believe, I got it as a gift at my wedding shower in August of 2007. :oops:

11.22 017

I don’t have a fancy stand mixer – so the hand mixer was just going to have to do! :)  

Aside from adapting ingredients and switching out the stand mixer for a hand mixer – I followed the recipe to a “T”! (exact recipe and measurements here!)

Step 1: Peanut Butter, Earth Balance, Vanilla, & Sugars getting mixed in 1 bowl

11.22 020

Step 2: Baking powder, baking soda, salt and flours in another (thank goodness for my color-coded bowls! :wink: )

11.22 023

Step 3: Slowly add the flour mixture into the PB mixture bowl and beat (doesn’t it look like Dippin’ Dots?!?!)

11.22 026

Step 4: Add chocolate chips and PB chips

11.22 028

Step 5: Be careful of spilling – as creatures living in your house may have become extremely interested in what you are dong…

11.22 032

Don’t give me that look! :wink:

11.22 029

Step 6: Put the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill, while pre-heating your oven to 350.

Step 7: Realize you don’t have a cool cookie scoop, make do with this random melon-baller-small-scoop-ish thing you find in your drawer. :wink:

11.22 034

Warning: 4-legged creatures will grow more and more despondent, the longer they go without receiving some of the delicious treats.

11.22 036

They just don’t understand that whole chocolate=death thing. :shock:

11.22 040

Step 8: Take the chilled dough out the fridge – form into delicious balls (heh!) and line them up on the baking sheet.

11.22 041

Step 9/Good Hint from Mama Pea: I definitely did have to add some almond milk to the batter in order to get the balls to stick.  And by some – I mean about 1/2 cup! :shock:

11.22 045

Step 9: Cook at 350, for 10 minutes!

11.22 046

Step 10: Allow to cool, then DEVOUR! :)

11.22 048

For the record – these really ARE as delicious as everyone makes them out to be.  Annie the Baker & Mama Pea – you are absolutely genius! :)

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i hope whoever bought you that hand mixer isnt reading this blog post :)

your balls were amazing.


BALLS BALLS BALLS! Those do look seriously fab!


Wow! These look fantastic. Must be some baking genes in you afterall!

Happy Thanksgiving Allison!


These are really good! I tried them last night, but for some reason mine didn’t keep their ball shape, and sort of flattened into normal cookies. Still delicious and super soft, nonetheless.

Also, watch out for those adorable faces. Puggle bodies can be hazardous in the kitchen. I don’t know how many times I’ve tripped over Franklin while cooking!



You don’t know how happy I was when I saw this trackback this morning,

1. Because I love you.
2. Because I wanted you to love and enjoy my delicious balls.

I am very mature as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Haha, balls. These look so yum! When I am not poor and living alone, I am making them!


these look so good. i just cant bring myself to do that much labor :) im so lazy!


a) tell kate above that these balls are about the easiest “baking” project in the world! seriously, 10 minutes of labor

2) i brought the “balls” into work today and was giggling the entire 20 minute commute b/c i couldn’t wait to go to my co-worker’s desk and say, “do you want to taste my balls?”

d) take these to work. after this morning, i am the most loved employee of my firm! i love being popular!

xn) Mama Pea is GENIUS!


Ha! Balls! Love it (and giggling too!)

I want your puppers – they are so fricken cute!

Have a great thanksgiving!!


I am coming over to eat these now…


I have been seeing these everywhereeeeee in blog world! I need to try them soon. Too funny with your hand mixer, but I must say I only really use mine to make homemade mashed potatoes so it doesn’t see much action either (esp considering baking is totally not my thing)! :)


These balls looks amazing! This is the first time i’ve seen them, but I’m sure i’ll be venturing off to make them soon!


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