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In May – I was invited to a vodka premiere/tasting party – for the new, locally owned Crav Vodka.

At the time, Crav wasn’t available for purchase in stores, so I wanted to give them time before I posted about the event, so they could get the product in stores.

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(Read: I’ve been a BBB, bad, back-logged blogger! Winking smile)

Crav is the brain child of Cleveland native Tom Rini – and is one of the smoothest tasting vodkas I’ve ever tried.

It’s different from other vodkas because of how it’s distilled.  Most other vodkas are distilled multiple times – Crav is only distilled once, but in a special four column process that makes it unique and extremely smooth!

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Taste test #1: small sips of a chilled shot. 

Does your face pucker after a small sip?

Nope! Smile 

That right there, is a very good sign!


Next we moved on to the specialty cocktails that the wonderful bartenders at Pier W had created, specifically for this event.

First: Raspberry Lime Crav Sensation

Crav Vodka, Fresh Lemonade, Lime Juice, Raspberry Infused Syrup, with a Mint Sprig

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Fresh and delicious – and very mild tasting. If I hadn’t been told there was vodka in the drink, I would have thought it was a fruit juice/fruit cooler of sorts.  The raspberry infused syrup they used was delightful! Smile

Second: Craving Ginger Rogers

Crav Vodka, Ginger and Orange Blossom Infused Syrup, Prosecco, Twist of Lime

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This drink can be summed up in four words – subtly sweet bubbly deliciousness!

Or maybe even one word – “DANGEROUS” Smile  The “Ginger Rogers” was very tasty and went down extremely smoothly – I could see myself “accidentally” drinking a few too many of those in a night! Winking smile

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Overall – Crav gets two big thumbs up for me!  Which I think says a lot seeing as vodka is my “go-to” on the occasions I imbibe liquor.  Next time you are looking for a new premium vodka to try out – I suggest Crav.

(Now that’s not to say you won’t still find a bottle or two of a $14 vodka who’s name rhymes with “Beercough” in my collection – but hey – different occasions call for different vodkas! Smile)

For a complete list of locations where Crav is available – click here!

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PS – I forgot how beautiful the view is at Pier W!  If you’ve never been – I highly suggest you go! Smile

Disclosure: Thanks to Tom Rini, Pier W, and Crav spirits for hosting this event of complimentary tastings and small plates.

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How fun! I love that they let y’all sample is straight up and then in mixed drinks.


love vodka, love pier w! how can you go wrong?! i was sad i had to miss this event! sounds like everyone had a great time :)


Pier W is such a great place. So many people like the view that there are proposals there all the time. My friend worked there for a year and saw 70 proposals! I’m gonna have to check out Crav.


The view is amazing!! I thought of you this morning as I was putting a reuben casserole in the oven – yep! And its healthy too! I’ll let you know when I post the recipe :D


What a great event!!! The cocktails look so refreshing, I may have to steal some of these ideas for an upcoming “cocktail Sunday”. Have a great week!!!


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