A Vermilion Saturday

A few weeks ago – my friend Megan and I decided to spend a Saturday morning and afternoon out in Vermilion. Random? Slightly. But it ended up being a fabulous time and I want to share the two gems we found with you.

YEARS ago – my friend Kristin told me about this cooking school – Laurel Run – that was out in Vermilion and how wonderful it was.  It’s a tiny little building nestled behind someone’s actual farm house – it’s a very cool set up.  They offer hands-on cooking classes and demos on a variety of topics.  The demo I chose to attend was on holiday baking.

Demo = I get to sit comfortably and enjoy my coffee while someone does the baking for me. It was actually a ton of fun – almost like being on the set of a cooking show.


It was SO. MUCH. FUN! Next time I’m definitely going to try one of the hands-on classes.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and took answers from the class as she cooked.

For example – my question: What is the difference between salted  butter and unsalted butter and how do I know which to use in a recipe is it just says “butter”?!

Answer: no real difference – they will yield the same end result, one will just be saltier/you’ll need to use less salt in the recipe because it’s already in the butter.

Phew – glad to know I haven’t been doing it wrong all these years. :)

We ended up making five different types of cookies:

  1. Orange Black Pepper Biscotti
  2. Basil Pistachio Shortbread
  3. Lemon Zest Tea Melts
  4. Caramel Maple Pecan Bars
  5. Cream Cheese Cinnamon Tarts

IMG_2094(a few might look familiar – they made it onto my holiday cookie platter. I promised I’d tell you more about them in another post)

#2 was by far my favorite. I have a hard copy of all of the recipes if you are interested! Just let me know!

After a hard morning of baking ;) Megan and I decided to check out a winery we had noticed signs for as we were getting off the highway.

Vermilion Valley Vineyards


I liked the building itself but something about the wood finish on the gray day we were out there made it remind me of something from a horror movie.  But I’m weird. And you should all know that by now. ;)


You can do small taste test flights if you stand at the bar – so that’s where we started. I was able to try five wines (probably about a 2-2.5oz pour each) for $5. Not bad at all!


And all of the wines were actually quite delicious. After picking our favorite – Megan and I sat down and ordered an actual glass and got a quick bite to each. My choice was their 2012 Dornfelder. You can see their full wine list here.


The restaurant area is open and inviting – and there’s a fun loft that would make an excellent spot for a private party.


If I lived out in Vermilion this is someone I think I’d go quite often. But that brings me to the only drawback I could find (for me at least). It’s just so far out there. It’s a solid 35 to 40 minutes from Cleveland’s west side. But it’s definitely worth it.

So if you plan to attend a Laurel Run class – make sure to leave time for Vermilion Village afterward. Or – if you just randomly happen to find yourself in Vermilion some day – try to find your way to Vermilion Village for a beverage – you won’t be sorry!

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looks like fun, and the cookies look amazing!


Hi Allison! Crazy that I hopped over to your blog as I’m a Cleveland west-sider as well! Born and raised in Kansas City, but we’ve been up here for around 3 years. At first, we didn’t really ‘love’ the city but it’s really grown on us and there’s so much to do! Hope you’ll stop by and say hi sometime!


That looks like my kinda day Allison!! I have one friend out in Vermillion – I think I have a good idea of what our agenda should look like on the next visit :) .


Vermilion Valley Vineyards was opened by Dean’s cousin! I love that place :)


I can’t decide which cookie looks more delicious. I think my husband would like the Caramel Maple Pecan Bars the best but I have a feeling I’d be all over the Cream Cheese Cinnamon Tarts. I’d love to get the recipes for these from you if possible. Thanks!


Looks absolutely amazing! love good wine:))


Used to work at Laurel Run! Fab place. Went to demo class which included six courses all paired with bubbly for my bday and Just attended a hands on sushi making class that was awesome.


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