2013 Ice Wine Festival

Last weekend Jen from WhyCLE and I were invited by the owners of South River Winery in lovely Geneva to participate in the 3rd annual Ice Wine Festival Queen crowning – and then ride around in a limo to the other participating Geneva wineries with the court.

q1 2013 008

Take one guess as to how long it took me to say yes. ;)

It was a snowy, gorgeous day – the perfect setting to be driven around in a limo all day :)

We started the day at Red Eagle Distillery – South River’s newest venture.

q1 2013 009q1 2013 015q1 2013 010

Red Eagle is beginning distribution of its scratch-made bourbon in the next few months. You can bet I’ll be on the look out for that. Here’s the batch I’m looking for ;)

I had no idea this is what bourbon looks like – “while baking” (my words) :) q1 2013 019

After a quick tour of the distillery it was time to crown the court. The girls are chosen strictly based on their written essay answers to a creative list of wine-centered questions.

q1 2013 012q1 2013 024

After the crowning – it was off on our adventure:

q1 2013 025

First stop – Debonne, which was just about 4 minutes down the road from Red Eagle.

Queens Miranda, Mary & Anna enjoying treats at Debonneq1 2013 028

2 ice wine offerings and a blueberry pistachio goat cheese that was TDF!

q1 2013 027

Then I was totally distracted because they had sled dogs just outside the Ice Wine Festival pavilion. After a minute or two of ooh-ing and aah-ing at the sweet pups – I kept moving along.

q1 2013 030q1 2013 032

Since my last visit to Debonne (~6 years ago) – they have added a brewery called Cellar Rats to their offering. Jen and I went to check it out – and decided to get the 10 beer sampler to try their offerings.

Yep – “just” 10 ;)

q1 2013 035q1 2013 036 q1 2013 039q1 2013 043

My favorite was probably the Field Rat Wheat but I can say – if you are smart – please avoid the McRatty’s Smoked Scottish Ale. Imagine a campfire in a beer. No thanks!

From there we were off to Grand River Cellars – where they take their name pretty seriously. We headed down to the basement for our tastings – which had a nice winter wonderland feel to it.

q1 2013 051

Champagne Ice Wine (my favorite of the day!!!) with delicious bacon blue cheese for a snack; and me & Jen – the Ice Wine Royalty “media” for the day :)

q1 2013 049img_5551(picture c/o WhyCLE)

We actually all loved the champagne ice wine from Grand Cellars so much that Jen was nice enough to buy a bottle for the limo.

Poppin’ bubbly:

q1 2013 059q1 2013 060

It’s funny – I started the day out only knowing Jen – but it’s funny how quickly a group of nice girls bond when there is wine and a limo involved. :)

Next up was Ferrante which I lasted visited in 2010 with my parents and Mike’s parents. I had a wonderful time then so I was expecting the same this time around.

The royal entourage: q1 2013 068

My favorite non-ice wine of the day was here – the Raspberry bubbly. Fun and delicious and not too sweet. After trying my sample on the patio I promptly went in to the store and bought a bottle to take home with me.

q1 2013 069

From Ferrante – we headed to St. Joseph Vineyard which was fun since I’d never been there before. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from it because the place was PACKED! What I can tell you is this – apparently they are KNOWN for their Pinot Noir – so if you go there – TRY IT! :)

Our second to last stop was Laurello – which had a really nice, welcoming atmosphere. Like – the kind where I wanted to just hang out there with a full bottle of red wine in front of the fire place they had going.

q1 2013 070

At this point – I was hitting sweetness overload from all the ice wines so I only tried one of their ice wine offerings but certainly enjoyed the hour ‘devours they were offering.

And last but certainly not least – we completed our circle by arriving at South River.

q1 2013 072

Can I just tell you – this winery is GORGEOUS! I had not had the chance to visit South River before the Ice Wine Festival but I fell immediately in love.

q1 2013 076

One last royal round of ice wine:

q1 2013 079

It was really a wonderfully fun day where I started off knowing 1 person and left feeling like I had 10 new friends. And got to visit 6 wineries, 1 distillery, and 1 brewery – 6 of which were new to me!

q1 2013 080

Truth be told – I was a little apprehensive at the start of the day because I really prefer dry wines. Riesling is even too much for me most days. But each of the wineries did a wonderful job trying to balance the sweet ice wine offerings with something (typically salty) to balance it all out.

If you have the opportunity to check out the Ice Wine Festival next year – I would encourage you to do so! Heck – who knows – I might even try out for queen next year. Who can say? :P

Disclaimer: I was asked by South River Vineyard to attend the Ice Wine Festival in a limo with the Ice Wine Queen and her court. Most of our tastings at the various wineries were courtesy of South River Vineyard. As always – the thoughts and opinions in this post are very much my own – because no one is the boss of me but myself. :)

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Hi Allison! I follow Jen’s blog as well and couldn’t wait to see pictures of the queens and the court. It was too funny hearing about this process, but it sounds like you guys had a great time!


Such a fun day! It was great getting to hang out. I still have that extra bottle of sparkling ice wine if you ever want to share it :-)


Looks like one very dreamy day Allison!! I was following your pics on Instagram and feeling very jealous :) .


Lucky! If you and I lived in the same town we’d have so much fun hanging out!


Love reading about your adventures in Ohio! Ohio proud!

Had a blast with you that day and hope for many more in the future!


I remember the last wine testing I went to. Well I remember most of it at least. I know, I know you are not supposed to drink all the wine, but they were all so good and I could not bear to waste. Beautiful pictures, looks like it must have been great fun.


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